Zambomba Day Jerez

Zambomba Day Jerez

Jerez,  December 2021. Date to be determined.

The zambomba is the most genuine expression of Jerez Christmas and is the main argument in which the coexistence and participation inherent in these parties, as they live in Jerez. The wines of the land, the traditional pastries and the carols 'aflamencados' are the ingredients of the zambombas that in these days are celebrated by any corner of the city.

The origins of this peculiar Christmas party are located in the coexistences that were organized in the courtyards of the houses of neighbors, where were shared viandas, wines and cantes whose lyrics and rhythms were part of the popular culture. But in Jerez, the mix of these bars had in flamenco its differentiating fact. The zambomba is the hallmark of this land.

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