European Horse Day

European Horse Day

Jerez, 14th september 2019


Jerez celebrates the European Horse Day on september 14th organizing a series of events.

The European Network of Horses Cities Euroequus had established in 2015 the celebration of the European Horse Day, that will take place on september 13th in each partner city of the Network, in order to achieve international promotion of equestrian tourism at the same time in all European countries, also favouring the homogenization of quality standards in the different European horse cities.

The European Horse Day includes a series of events based on the promotion of horse territories, organized by each city in their own territory, and promoted in a common way, so that they obtain a stronger impact as far as image and diffusion are concerned.

Culture and tradition of the territory are strongly linked to horse identity and to thousands of typical products that become symbol of quality of life and ambassadors of a place, allowing the discovery of the equestrian tourist points of Euroequus’ municipalities. 

The equestrian activities together with the discovery of landscape resources, typical products and authentic craftwork will allow the discovery of culture, nature and tradition, essential characteristics of every member city of the network.



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